12 Must-Have Props To Make Your Holiday Party Pop {+Printables}

photo booth props

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without a festive photo booth, but where do you find those quirky props to make your party photos pop?

We’ve created some fun (and FREE) printable photo booth props to make it easy for your party guests to get in the festive mood, without breaking your party-planning budget. Here are 12 printables to get your party started:

Step 1: Print Your Props

With these fun and festive holiday props, your guests can pose as a reindeer, Santa’s little helper, or even Santa himself! To get started, click on the link below, and select one (or all) of the printable holiday party props on your color printer.


photo booth props

Step 2: Prep Your Props

Gather the following materials:

Materials Checklist:
– prop printouts
– spray adhesive
– heavy card stock
– scissors
– glue and/or tape
– popsicle sticks, straws, or thin dowels

– foam core
– X-ACTO (or other utility) knife
– cutting mat
– embellishments (glitter, cotton balls, sequins, etc.)

photo booth props

1)  Affix each prop to heavy card stock (to create a more sturdy prop)
2) Cut out each prop using scissors or an X-ACTO knife
3) Spray the back of each prop with adhesive
4) Glue or tape the popsicle stick, straw, or thin dowel to the back of each prop to create a handle
5) (Optional) Add embellishments such as glitter or cotton balls to make your props pop!

photo booth props

Step 3: Practice Posing With Your Props

Once your props are ready, test them out with your friends! Adding a green screen or animated background to the scene will create impressive holiday photos that your guests will want to print and share with their friends online.

photo booth props

With green screen backgrounds, digital props and animated scenes, there are so many ways to make your party photos stand out – but sometimes some old-school, handheld props are all it takes to make your holiday party pop. Place your props in a nicely-decorated box of basket beside your photo booth, and watch the magic happen!

photo booth props

Enjoy, and Happy Holiday from TapSnap!


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