Business tips with Raymond Lousia

Think big entertainment companies Raymond Lousia’s strategy is simple and it’s paying off in a big way. He’s trying to connect with the bigger entertainment companies – the event/party planners and the DJs who already have a full roster of events planned for the year and could benefit from some phototainment. “Some of these companies [...]

TapSnap does grad

Graduation parties across the country will never be the same again, now that TapSnap has come along. Four grads in a week: Portland Portland-based TapSnap franchisee Scott Farestrand had four graduation parties in one week. “In nine days, I had four grads and two weddings,” says Scott. As you might imagine, he didn’t get much [...]

TapSnap Johnny Vice takes on Miami, scores Irie Weekend celebrity party

Miami-based Gian Recondo  and  Jean Rodriguez  are brothers-in-law who were both starting their families and yearning for the additional security of a second business when they came across TapSnap. “We’re both driven people. We both have full-time work with flexible hours. We wanted something else that would fit in with our schedules,” says Jean. “We’d [...]

Golf Channel chooses TapSnap for US Open event

TapSnap celebrated the US Open Golf Tournament in style with a two-day Golf Channel party at the xfinity Live! dining and entertainment venue in Philadelphia on June 14 and 15. Everywhere you looked there was golf. On Friday, it was a post-work event for the adults from 4 to 8pm, with play from the Merion [...]

TapSnap franchisee ready to grow after just two months in business

The party’s only just begun for Raymond and Anita Lousia, who started their TapSnap phototainment business in mid-April, with two machines in Metro Detroit, Michigan. “We’re already looking to expand,” he says. “We’d like to add more units in our territory and possibly grow into some neighboring territories.” June started with back-to-back parties and events [...]

TapSnap phototainment takes North America with nearly 50 franchises launched

The TapSnap phototainment franchise went nationwide this June, having launched in nearly 50 regions across North America over the previous three months. From the bright lights of New York City and Chicago to the gala parties of Los Angeles, from the heat of Miami to the oil barons of Houston, TapSnap is revolutionizing phototainment at [...]

Introducing TapSnap’s hip, national TV commercial

The beat is strong, the vibe is contagious, and event guests are smiling from ear to ear in TapSnap’s new TV commercial, which will run on national cable this June. The best way to understand TapSnap is to experience it, and now an entirely new audience will have the opportunity to see TapSnap in action. [...]

She started with her comfort zone

Kim Deimling started her TapSnap franchise by marketing to her comfort zone – events for schools and children. That’s where she had the most connections as a PTA leader and substitute teacher with two teenage girls of her own. The good news is that parents love getting pictures of their children, and that many parents [...]

Social media power in action with TapSnap

There are two sides to TapSnap. There’s the fun, exciting phototainment sensation that is helping event and wedding guests have a blast across North America. And then there’s the serious social media strategist, who can help transform an event into a social media success. The social media strategist was out in full force at the [...]