Young DVDNow Entrepreneur Dominates with TapSnap

  When first approached with the TapSnap concept, Ryan Kidd was a little skeptical of a business based on dealing with crowds. The lucrative business model however lured him into learning more, and as a DVDNow owner since 2008 he wholeheartedly believed in the TapSnap investment. Currently working with businesses in Sacramento-area, Kidd is looking [...]

Franchisee Utilizes Business to Benefit the Community

Miquel McDonald is a true philanthropist. His entire career is rooted in working with people and businesses he can stand behind. Known for his charitable work, he has gained the respect of the community and industry sources alike. Most recently, radio personalities Bruce Elliot from WILM and Peter MacArthur from WDEL took interest in McDonald’s [...]

Franchisee’s Ambitions Lead to Territory Growth

A Cincinnati native, Bud Lehman has been working to establish himself as a prominent TapSnap owner. In the midst of building a regional presence, Lehman is strategically working to expand his business in Louisville and Dayton. “Having worked in the corporate environment for many years, I viewed TapSnap as a fun and exciting way to [...]

It’s ‘photoentertainment’ in The Woodlands

In a snap Jana Witt has done away with the traditional photo booth - and given the old-style event photographer the boot. The Woodlands-area resident has embraced the digital era and found a new business that fits her schedule perfectly. Last month, Witt opened a franchise of TapSnap - a company headquartered in Vancouver that has reinvented photo kiosks. Now [...]

Franchisee Finds Freedom with TapSnap

Do you use the phrase “dream come true” when describing your work? That is exactly how business owner Michelle Mailloux reflects on her involvement with TapSnap. She sees being part of TapSnap as an exit strategy from the large corporate world, which she is far too familiar with. With an extensive background in software project [...]