What is Brand Activation, Anyway?

Even though the practice isn’t new, brand activation is one of those hot new buzzwords in the marketing industry which you’ve likely heard before. It’s an important component of the marketing mix, has incredible value, and proven to be a great tactic in improving engagement with customers. But, when it comes down to the nitty [...]

TapSnap 1062 Talks Company Holiday Party Entertainment on Studio 62!

The holidays are around the corner! Are you prepared for your company holiday party? If you’re looking to spice up your holiday party entertainment this year, a photo booth rental is the perfect addition. Brian Pisor of TapSnap 1062, who was recently featured on Carolina’s CW 62 talk show, Studio 62, demonstrated how TapSnap can [...]

Essential Photo Composition Tips for Beginners

This guest post is written by Marissa M, our Franchise Support and Design Assistant. Photographers work with a wide range of subjects and scenes, and this requires a more open-minded approach. No two photographers will compose an image the same way, but there are some guidelines and photography tips that will help you as you develop your [...]

Buying Into a Franchise? Here’s How to Build a Successful Franchise Business!

Buying into a franchise? Questions about building a successful franchise business are most likely top-of-mind for you. Finding success as a franchise owner isn’t impossible, but it does require lots of hard work and dedication. That’s not it though! There are more keys to success, so read on for our tips for franchisees setting out [...]