How SnapCast, Our Social Media Wall, Benefits Your Event

By now, you’ve already heard about the benefits of a social media photo booth, as well as the importance of social media at events. But have you considered the necessity of a live social media feed? Read on for three reasons as to why you need SnapCast, our social media wall, for your next event! [...]

A Few of Our Favorite Green Screen Photos

It’s no secret that a TapSnap social media photo booth brings with it infinite possibilities to express your creative side. It’s especially easy with green screen photos! Whether you’re using TapSnap for photo entertainment or photo booth marketing, event attendees always enjoy letting their imaginations soar. Take a look at a few of our favorite [...]

The Importance of Social Media Activity for Businesses

Social media is important to your business. There’s no arguing about it—the staggering facts and statistics are compelling! Despite this knowledge, some companies don’t realize the importance of social media activity and how it can benefit their business. If you’re guilty as charged, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your social media [...]

What To Look For When Renting a Photo Booth

When it comes to renting a photo booth for an event, settling on one company from a sea of many can stir up some amount of indecisiveness. How do you pick the right one for your event? Luckily, we have a few tips for you to always pick the best photo booth rental for any [...]

Our Favorite TapSnap Photos of 2015!

2015 has been an amazing year! We’ve been a part of movie openings, milestone events, live concerts, and so many more incredible occasions. Here’s a quick look back on our year in pictures. TapSnap’s Best Pictures of 2015 In October, TapSnap had the honor of collaborating with Tim Burton for the Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before [...]

Top 6 Smartphone Photography Apps You Should Use!

Selfies aside, there’s no denying that smartphones are capable of taking gorgeous photographs. Cell phone cameras are more sophisticated than ever, and serve as substitutes for bulky cameras. As a result, taking pictures with cell phones is a convenience factor we’ve come to rely on. Given that photography is more accessible to the masses, photo [...]

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing for Events

When it comes to promoting an event, or facilitating participation, social media plays an integral role. However, it’s equally as important to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing for an event. How else will you know if your efforts were successful? While it may sound like a complicated task, measuring social media success for [...]

Introduction to Social Media Strategy for Events 101

If you’re an event organizer you already know about the importance of social media at events. However, your social media event marketing plan should be more detailed than just scheduling a bunch of Tweets, or Facebook posts when it comes to promoting an event. We get it, social media strategy can sound intimidating, but it [...]

How TapSnap for Business Helps with Customer Loyalty and Retention

For every business, customer loyalty and retention is at the forefront of their overall goals in development and growth. However, in a heavily saturated market, where competition is stiff, separating your business from the herd can be a challenge. Building brand awareness is a great place to start. However, keeping your customers happy and engaged [...]

Essential Photo Composition Tips for Beginners

This guest post is written by Marissa M, our Franchise Support and Design Assistant. Photographers work with a wide range of subjects and scenes, and this requires a more open-minded approach. No two photographers will compose an image the same way, but there are some guidelines and photography tips that will help you as you develop your [...]